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  • What countries is MyFarmWorks available in?
    MyFarmWorks is currently available in the UK. We are working hard to make it available in the US (America), Australia and New Zealand.
  • Do I need livestock management software?
    Livestock management software can ease the burden of all the legislative requirements of farms. All your records are kept in one safe place, meaning there is less paperwork and saves you time completing endless forms.
  • Is livestock management software a legal requirement?
    No, but many functions available within the software will help you fulfil the legal requirements of keeping livestock.
  • Can I use MyFarmWorks to send livestock movement information and make cattle passport applications?
    Yes, MyFarmWorks communicates with BCMS, ScotEID, EID Cymru and LIS from any device.
  • Who developed MyFarmWorks?
    MyFarmWorks was developed in the UK by Shearwell Data Ltd.
  • How much is MyFarmWorks?
    MyFarmWorks starts at £20 per month ex VAT, after a free one month trial. Pricing for additional modules (Pro plan) will be confirmed upon release.
  • Is there a trial version?
    Yes, you can trial the software for one month, free of charge.
  • Is MyFarmWorks a one-off or subscription?
    You can choose the payment plan to suit your needs. Either pay monthly or annually and save £40.
  • Is MyFarmWorks fully tax-deductible?
    Yes, MyFarmWorks can be claimed as a business expense and the VAT of 20% can be reclaimed.
  • Is there a minimum or maximum scale for which the software is suitable?
    No, MyFarmWorks is great for smallholders to large scale enterprises and every kind of farm in between.
  • How customisable is the software to my specific livestock operation?
    The software is customisable, so you only need to pay for the modules that apply to your farming business.
  • What is the customer support and update policy?
    Our customer support line is available Monday to Friday, from 8am to 5pm.
  • What is the best livestock management software?
    The best livestock management software allows multiple users and is cloud based – so you can be out in the field recording weights, whilst another user is in the office completing movements; like MyFarmWorks from Shearwell Data.
  • What is the easiest livestock management software?
    MyFarmWorks by Shearwell Data is easy to use and has been designed with the functionality that farmers require in mind.
  • What is the cheapest livestock management software?
    MyFarmWorks starts from just £20 per month ex VAT, with a free one month trial.
  • Can I cancel my subscription at any time?
    Yes, you can cancel your subscription at any time.
  • What operating systems does MyFarmWorks run on?
    MyFarmWorks is cloud-based so will run on Windows or Mac provided you have an Internet connection. It also has apps specifically for Android and iOS which will share data with the cloud when in WiFi or cellular range.
  • How can I get MyFarmWorks on my X6 Stock Recorder?
    Please call our software support team on 01643 841814 who will guide you through the process.
  • Do I need a Shearwell Stick reader to be able to use MyFarmWorks?
    You will need an EID reader such as a Shearwell Stick Reader or Shearwell Race Reader if you want to electronically read tags directly into the app on your iPhone or Android device, though you can record tags manually if you prefer.
  • Is MyFarmWorks compatible with other brands of reader?
    MyFarmWorks is compatible with Shearwell readers and weigh heads, including the X6 Stock Recorder, Shearwell Stick Reader, ShearWeigh, Shearwell Race Reader and most Tru-Test weigh heads. We cannot guarantee the software is supported with other brands. Please note these readers are only compatible with FDX and HDX EID tags.
  • Can I import my old/historic livestock data?
    You can import current livestock data from selected Government agencies, ScotMoves, BCMS, or from a csv file.
  • Is MyFarmWorks livestock software cloud-based?
    Yes, there is no need to back up data to your PC or memory stick as it will always be accessible from the cloud data storage.
  • How safe is data with MyFarmWorks?
    We use standard HTTPS encryption for all data transfer, which means all data is encrypted to keep communications secure between clients and servers.
  • Is MyFarmWorks hosted in the UK?
  • Is MyFarmWorks support UK-based?
    Yes, you can reach a member of our UK based support team by phoning 01643 841814.
  • Is MyFarmWorks support 24/7?
    No, our UK support team are available from 8am – 5pm Monday to Friday (Excluding bank holidays).
  • How secure is MyFarmWorks?
    Very secure, the app conforms to OWASP Application Security Verification Standards (ASVS).
  • What is the tech support for MyFarmWorks?
    Phone 01643 841814 or email If emailing please include as much relevant detail as possible and attach any screenshots which could be useful in identifying the issue.
  • Can I use MyFarmWorks to calculate profitability/do lambing scores?
    The initial release caters mainly for statutory requirements, recording of births/identification, movements, treatments, and weights with associated reporting. Profitability and lambing scores will follow for those who require it.
  • Is there a difference between cloud-based and on-premises livestock software?
    Yes, cloud-based software is accessible anywhere you have a Wi-Fi connection or cellular data coverage.
  • Can I integrate this software with other farm management tools or equipment?
    Yes, MyFarmWorks is part of the range of Shearwell products which allows you to seamlessly record and measure your livestock’s performance. For example, weights recorded on the ShearWeigh will upload directly to MyFarmWorks on your X6 Stock Recorder or mobile device, when connected.
  • Does the software support mobile access and offline functionality?
    You need to be online when using the app via your web browser. You can use the app on your mobile device when offline but will need to reconnect to upload data to the cloud and to log in to your account for the first time.
  • Does the software offer analytics and reporting tools?
    Yes, MyFarmWorks offers an array of reports from stock inventories to medicine records. Further reports such as live weight gains will be available soon.
  • Are there additional modules or add-ons available for specialized needs (e.g. environmental impact reports, genetic management etc?
    Additional modules will be available soon in a further release of the app. The current modules are focused on industry compliance.
  • How do I transfer data from my existing FarmWorks by SDL or StockMove Express software to MyFarmWorks?
    At the moment it is only possible to transfer very basic animal details from existing Shearwell software to MyFarmWorks through ‘csv’ files. We will be providing an automated transfer option later in 2024 which will allow the following data to be copied across: Basic animal details (tag number, date of birth, sex, breed, dam, sire, EID, management tag) Weights Movements Treatments Comments Tupping Scanning Management Groups
  • How is MyFarmWorks different to the current FarmWorks by SDL software?
    The current FarmWork by SDL software runs ‘locally’ on your Windows PC and you can use it out in the field with a Stock Recorder, manually transferring data between the two via a cradle and USB connection. MyFarmWorks is cloud-based so you can run it on a Mac, Windows PC or pretty much any device that can host a website, though you would need an active internet connection to do so. There are also devoted Android and iOS apps; these only need an internet connection to share data, so you can take your smart phone, X6 or other tablet out onto the farm, record movements, weights etc., and this data will automatically be visible on any of your devices moments after you move back into internet coverage.
  • Will FarmWorks by SDL software still be supported?
    Yes, our technical team will continue to take support calls for FarmWorks by SDL.
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