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Brought to you by Shearwell Data
Est. 1992

We provide a complete livestock management system allowing farmers to collect and collate data to help them make better-informed business decisions.

Shearwell Data itself is both a farming business and a family business - farmer-owned, based on Exmoor in Wheddon Cross, Somerset.

We are experts in animal identification, both visual and electronic. Our speciality is EID technology - designing tags, tools and software that farmers can rely on.

Richard Webber, Director

Working to help the livestock farmer

We started up in 1992 with a big idea, a huge drive and a small number of people manufacturing identification tags for livestock. Since then the company has grown consistently and rapidly, now incorporating livestock management programs, visual and EID tags and readers, software and handling systems.

Knowledge is power as the cliché goes. We've been developing software for the livestock industry since 1996. Fast, accurate identification of cattle and sheep helps improve productivity and enhance record-keeping for both management and statutory purposes. It's vital for breeding and to improve livestock health and welfare.

Your local rep

Contact your local Shearwell representative. 

Liz Speller

Central, East & South East
07956 881389


Catrin Price

South Wales
07837 988977

Siarad Cymraeg


Dani Hughes

North Wales & West Midlands
07494 499096

Siarad Cymraeg


James Hickson

S.Scotland & N.England

07714 744686


Jane Thomson

N.Scotland & the Isles

07788 209438

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